Venture League starts Qualifying Round

Sports-Tech and E-Health start-ups pitch in front of top athletes and investors


International sports and health start-ups wanted

At Venture League (, active and former top athletes invest together with experienced investors in startups from the sports and health sector. Fundings with heights of 6-7 digits are possible.

Application via the platform

In order to apply, startups can use the digital process via the platform ( After an initial screening by the investment managers of Venture League, the next round of personal talks and – in the best case – up to the investment takes place.

“We and our investors look forward to many exciting ideas from all areas of sport and the healthcare industry. It will certainly be interesting for the startups to see how active and former top athletes evaluate their solutions,” says Thorsten Schoop, Managing Director of NEUERER GmbH, who started the Venture League.

Interested athletes and investors can still register

“Many athletes are very interested in startups. This is one of the reasons why we created Venture League to bring together athletes and investors with exciting start-ups,” adds Christian Mees, founder and managing director of NEUERER.

The platform allows athletes and investors to register and get to know interesting ideas on the Venture League platform (

Jury evaluation consisting of active and former top athletes

The screening of the startups by the Venture League team as well as by the professionals takes place permanently. More about the application process on our website: