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Call for entries

Venture League starts Qualifying Round Sports-Tech and E-Health start-ups pitch in front of top athletes and investors   International sports and health start-ups wanted At Venture League (, active and former top athletes invest together with experienced investors in startups from the sports and health sector. Fundings with heights of 6-7 digits are possible. Application via the platform In order to apply, startups can use the digital process via the platform ( After an initial screening by the investment managers of Venture League, the next round of personal talks and - in the best case - up to the investment takes place. "We and our investors look forward to many exciting ideas from all areas of sport and the healthcare…
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Why startup investments are becoming more and more attractive for athletes

More and more athletes are deciding to invest in companies at an early stage - in other words, to participate in start-ups. The most important reasons for this are: The power of personality Today, individual athletes have the opportunity to get in direct contact with their fans and create their own personal brands via social media. Athletes are thus able to use their supporters and their network to offer added value to companies (especially those that want to promote products and gain market share). So why not use this awareness for your own investment? Access to investment opportunities In the meantime, there are many examples of third-party programs and accelerators that are aimed specifically at athletes as equity investors, mainly…